March 11, 2013

3:13 PM
Model Bio:
Shawntay Williams is a 27 year old, aspiring plus size model, a free lance make up artist, and a full-time mom with extra overtime. She began to pursue a career in her early 20's but always stopped due to how society viewed the plus size woman in a negative way.

In Her Own Words:

After having my son my body changed, but I grew more positive self esteem. I guess my son encouraged me to pursue my dream. I never want him to see me as a failure, and I teach him to do what you love not what society wants. I never asked for my life or my body to change but it did , and it's what you do in life afterwords that counts. I think plus size modeling gives a great message to curvy, thick or any shapely women that wants to follow their dream but cant due to society's view. I enjoy shopping, reading, being a mother/teacher, and following through with my goals which I try to add to each month.


  1. Beautiful, sexy nice pictures, I love full figured women. A specially this women :)