July 16, 2013

1:00 PM

We are big time shoppers here at SOC. Not only do we like shopping, but we also live for scoring a great deal on quality items. As more and more sample sale sites hit the web, we couldn't help but to be drawn into the vortex, and the get it before it's gone shopping frenzy induced by a crazy good sale.Whether you are shopping for clothing, shoes, accessories, or home goods you can usually find lots of options on these sites. 

As a curvy girl, sample sale shopping can be tough; as there aren't always a lot of options in larger sizes. We have done some digging and found five sample/discount sale sites that offer options for your curves. We have also included our list of the sites that rank highly with us for designer brands, shoes, beauty, and best all around shopping experience. 

In order to shop the sales, all of these web sites require you to create an account so we wanted to give you a quick guide to help you determine which sites might suit your shopping needs best.

Best Options for Plus Sizes 
These sites represent our top five, because they frequently offer sales specifically for plus sizes. The leader of the pack is Beyond the Rack, because they offer options weekly for plus sizes in their My Curvy Closet division.
1. Beyond the Rack - My Curvy Closet
2. Haute Look
3. Ideeli
4. My Habit
5. Zulily

Best Designer Brands
If you have a taste for name brand and luxury labels, these sites top our list for their selection of clothing, shoes, accessories, and even housewares from top tier brands.
1. Gilt
2. My Habit
3. Ruelala

Best Shoe Sales
The below sites made the list according to the quality of the brands and frequency of the shoe sales offered.
1. Gilt
2. Ideeli
3. My Habit

Best in Beauty
These sites have consistently great sales featuring beauty items from some of the best beauty brands.
1. Haute Look
2. Gilt

Best All-Inclusive Sites
From vacation packages, to clothing, shoes and accessories for the entire family, these sites are a one-stop shopping experience.
1. Gilt
2. Ruelala

Are you a sample sale shopper, if so tell us what you think of our rankings? Also let us know which sites are your favorite to shop with!


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